step into the world of the Renault Dokker Van

Its strengths

Enjoy generous loading space without compromising your comfort. Renault Dokker Van adapts to your every need!
comfort and modular layout Suited to your needs
We designed Renault Dokker Van to be extremely functional: easy loading, quick access to objects, side door, on-board multimedia system, and more.
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Benefit from the multimedia system on board your Renault Dokker Van. Use the 7" touchscreen and steering wheel controls to listen to the radio or your own remote music via Bluetooth® or the USB and jack port, and enjoy hands-free calling. Need to go and meet a new customer? Use the navigation system with 2D or Bird View display.
Renault Dokker Van
Organise your usable cargo area and choose one of three possible Renault Dokker Van configurations. Choose the  tubular partition located behind the driver's seat and maximise the storage space. Choose the  full partition with window to separate the loading space from the driving position. Do you need a modular layout? The  mesh rotating partition allows you to load objects of up to 3.11 m (EasySeat option) while offering you full protection.
Renault Dokker Van
Lashing rings
Keep your equipment in place with eight lashing rings on the floor. Do you need more? Four extra lashing rings on the sides are available as an option. Depending on the version.
Renault Dokker Van
Sliding side door
Enjoy easy access to the cargo area. The Renault Dokker Van has the widest opening in its category (703 mm). Very convenient when you need to park in a narrow space !
Renault Dokker Van
Cargo threshold
Enjoy easy access to your cargo area thanks to the cargo threshold height of only 57 cm. Very handy!  


Generous space

Do you need more space? Renault Dokker Van thinks big and offers you optimised usable space.
Renault Easy Seat: maximise your loading capacity
The “Renault easy seat”, a removable front passenger seat, offers four positions:
- the transport of one passenger with longitudinal and lumbar control
- folding down the back of the seat to optimise the loading length
- the easy "fold and tilt position" to load long or wide objects
- full removal of the seat for an additional 0.6 m3.     
Renault Dokker Van
Usable length
You are free to choose your loading capacity. Enjoy additional length of 1.90 m behind the partition. Still want more? Thanks to the Renault Easy Seat option, you can load objects of 3.11 m.  
Renault Dokker Van
Usable volume
Renault Dokker Van has usable volume of 3.3 m3. With the Renault Easy Seat option, you gain 0.6 m3, and your storage space increases to 3.9 m3!
Renault Dokker Van
Usable cargo capacity
With Renault Dokker Van, 600 kg of usable cargo capacity comes standard. Allowing you to load all the equipment you need!


Enjoy a relaxed drive

Sturdy and reliable, Renault Dokker Van adapts to all circumstances.
Renault Dokker Van
Speed limiter
Enjoy a peaceful drive thanks to the speed limiter. It enables you to set a maximum speed. Simply use the steering column controls to adjust your chosen speed .
Renault Dokker Van
Anti-lock braking system
Keep your car on course. ABS prevents the wheels from locking during sudden braking. Combined with Emergency Brake Assist, it helps to optimise your stopping distance.
Renault Dokker Van - ESC
Electronic Stability Control
Keep control! In risky driving conditions, electronic stability control helps you keep control over your vehicle.
Ready to take Renault Dokker VAN for a spin?