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Dezir concept

Warm, sensual and sleek curves, the Renault Dezir concept car is the incarnation of our passion for automobiles. Be surprised and experience emotion!    

Renault Dezir concept

Stimulate your senses

A sports coupé with an electric engine, Renault Dezir concept displays a warm and lively design. It is full of movement, with sensual undulations and reflective effects to stimulate your senses.    
Renault Dezir concept car exterior design front view

A new face for Renault

Fins create a striped effect for the air intake on the bumper, giving Renault Dezir's front end a look that is both light and powerful. With its contrasting position on a dark background, the larger diamond is a sign of our new brand identity.
Renault Dezir concept car is being charged at a charging spot

Acoustic identity inspired by its design

Renault Dezir concept has a new acoustic identity. In partnership with IRCAM - Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique - we have compensated for the lower noise level of the electric engine to give it powerful respiration to match its racy design.

Renault Dezir concept

Take flight

Inside, Renault Dezir concept's cabin is very much in a passionate style. The use of space and materials embody lightness and voluptuousness.    
Renault Dezir concept car interior view with cabin and front seats

Your heart will take flight and float through the air

Contoured dimensions, white leather, pulsating lights that match your heartbeat, voluptuous red... On board Dezir concept, you're on cloud nine. Its single bench seat for sharing and suspended dashboard invite you into a smooth and ethereal world.    
Renault Dezir concept - close-up of the dashboard

It's an efficient man-machine interface

On the driver's side, the instruments have all the efficiency of a sports coupé. With its electric engine, it can reach 100 km/h in 5 seconds and 50 km/h in just 2 seconds. With its luminous 3D speed gauge, your driving sensations are heightened, while the touch screen allows you to control all of the technical aspects.

Renault Dezir concept

Packed with innovation

Renault Dezir concept proudly displays our values. Through this concept car, we are mapping out our new identity and the innovations of tomorrow.
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