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Renault Kwid Concept

The result of collaboration between our teams across the globe, our Renault Kwid concept car has been envisaged and designed for younger customers in new markets such as India and Brazil.
Renault Kwid concept Robust and fun design
Friendly, robust and technical, Renault Kwid concept will stimulate your imagination every time.
Renault Kwid concept car exterior design side view
Its an urban crossover that makes an impression
With Renault Kwid concept, our design teams have made full use of the art of combining contrasts. With its fun appearance and friendly face, there is a contrasting robust look, enhanced by the imposing front grille and squared-off wings. With a 2-wheel drive transmission, Renault Kwid concept has no qualms about projecting an all-terrain image.
Renault Kwid concept car dashboard
A unique interior
The 3 front seats in Renault Kwid concept appear to be suspended above a white base. These bright seats, with two-tone elastomer upholstery, invite you to sit down. Fitted in the driving seat in a central position, information is accessed through an integrated touch screen tablet that allows you to control the vehicle's functions and remotely control a drone - your 'Flying Companion'.

Renault Kwid concept

A 'High-Tech' concept car

Beyond its fun and imaginative styling, Renault Kwid concept also stands out for its wealth of equipment with a strong focus on technology.               
A drone to assist you
We designed and created the 'Flying Companion', the first instrument of its kind in the automotive field, to provide you with safe and enjoyable driving. Emerging from the rear of the sunroof, it can be controlled in 'automatic' mode using the GPS, or 'manual' mode using the dashboard mounted tablet. With your 'Flying Companion', finding out about traffic, taking photos of the countryside or detecting obstacles on the road has never been as simple and fun!

Renault Kwid concept

A cosmopolitan vehicle

A cosmopolitan concept car, Renault Kwid concept targets new markets first.
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